This is a very, very important lesson and it’s, it’s, it’s one that you don’t always hear taught. Now, I’m sure by now you’ve seen the title. Amen. Jesus went to hell for us. Jesus went to hell for us. There was a young man that was, uh, that was being very, uh, I guess he, he would call himself a watchdog or, uh, or a criticizer or whatever you want to call it. Amen. He apparently heard one of the televangelists, uh, say that Jesus, uh, went to hell and, uh, or that Jesus was born again. And, uh, he really, he just lambasted, uh, her for having said that. Glory to God. And I was listening to him and I said, that young man doesn’t know the word of God. Amen. He really does not know. He w he really believed that he was correct. Uh, when he was criticizing the fact that she said Jesus went to hell and was born again out of hell. Praise the Lord. And, but, uh, you just don’t know the word of God. So good. And I don’t want us to be ignorant. You know, Paul, Paul said, I would not have you ignorant. Glory to God. And I feel the same way. I would not have my people that are following me ignorant. That’s why anything God tells me any and everything he says to me, I tell you. Praise the Lord. Well, we got to go to our base scripture tonight. Amen. Let’s go to Ephesians four, glory to God and eight. Amen. And you got to follow along with me tonight because we have a lot of scripture and we’re going to make sure we try to get to all of them. Amen. Ephesians four and eight. Wherefore he saith when he ascended upon high, he led captivity captive. Now the, the, he here is Jesus. Absolutely. Jesus ascended up on high. That’s referencing his resurrection, his ascension back to heaven, right? Okay. He ascended from the Mount of Olives back to heaven, stepped on a cloud, went back to heaven. That’s what this is referencing. Okay. He led captivity captive. What was captivity? What was captivity? What was the captivity that was cap? Tiv. He led captivity captive. Okay. That’s your homework for next week. Find out what is captivity captive. Okay. And, and, and someone remind me to answer that if, well, if some of you can get it tonight, we’ll see if you got it. Praise the Lord. Amen. Captivity captive. That’s a good study. Amen. What is the captivity and what does he mean by he led it captive? Glory to God. And gave what? Gifts unto men. Now that he ascended, what is it, but that he also descended first. Okay. Wait a minute. That’s good. Let’s follow the literal reading of the scripture here. He’s simply saying that he, he, that S and it descended when first, okay. He descended first. That descend means to do what? To go down, right, right. Where lower parts of the earth. So he’s being very specific here. Is this literal? Is this literal figurative or symbolic? It’s literal. It’s literal. He literally went down and listen to what it says before he went up, he went down. Is that right? Is that what it’s saying? Okay. He descended first into the lower parts of the earth. Okay. Verse 10. He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens that he might feel all things. Okay. Praise the Lord. All right. So the point I want to get out of this verse, what I want to take out of this verse is this, this descended. Okay. I want you to, Hey man, just make a note that he descended. And where did he go to the lower parts of the earth? The lower parts of the earth is that’s important. That’s important. Now I want to go to another scripture that’s going to lay a foundation for, uh, for our subject matter. Okay. I want to, I want to, I want to another scripture here. Acts two, acts two 25. And it’s quite a long, uh, passage here. 25 is about six verses here, 25 to 31. And I want you to go home and read these and study these. Okay. But these scriptures will lay a foundation for what we’re going to talk about. Sometimes you have to go back and, and put your subject matter in context. Okay. So you have to take sometimes scriptures seem to be unrelated to what you’re talking about, but the relevancy is if there’s any relevancy there, you have to go back and snatch those scriptures that may have only one line of relevancy in it, but you have to put it into context. Okay. Of, of your subject matter. Let’s read. For David speaketh concerning him. Who is the him here? Jesus, Jesus Christ. All right. I foresaw the Lord always before my face, but he is on my right hand that I should not be moved. Okay. Now David, this is Peter’s. First of all, this is Peter preaching on the day of Pentecost. Okay. He’s full of the Holy ghost, glory to God. And he starts to preaching and he said, now this is what David said about Jesus. This he was talking for Jesus. I foresaw the Lord always before my face, but he is on my right hand that I should not be moved. Okay. This is Jesus testimony about God, the father. Are you following me here? Okay. 26 therefore did my heart rejoice and my tongue was glad. This is Jesus testifying that God was always before his face. Glory to God. You know, when I listened to Jesus testimony and, and, and, and how he entreated the father and I listened to Paul, how he entreated Christ, glory to God.